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Mentorships & Student Engagement

To foster research-creation and project leadership skills, The Score Research Cluster envisions opportunities for artists, students, faculty, collaborators and partners to take on leadership roles and mentor through their distinct experiences to direct and produce a wide range of mentorships. The Score sees mentoring as a way to share knowledge, build skills, encourage creativity and generate a sense of connectedness and support amongst participants.
  • We foresee the joint development of mentorships and mentoring opportunities across all partners, be they individual or organizations
  • We intend to move slowly, to establish mutually beneficial relationships built through trust and common goals
  • We will focus on the needs of mentees in shaping and delivering appropriate mentorship programs
  • Emphasis will be with Indigenous youth
  • Mentorships may be planned and have annual activities, and others will be one-time workshops with specific ties to projects and partners 
  • Where possible, we will collaborate with existing mentorship programs
  • We will treat intial programs as experimental models, such as group workshops, performative events and individual online residencies